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Your Daily Life in GIFS

When someone’s voice doesn’t match their appearance:

When someone says we’re getting pizza for dinner:

When someone offers to buy you food:

When you’re on your way to a concert:

When you realize that it’s night already while being on the computer all day long:

Your first thought when the alarm goes off:

When you walk away like nothing happened:

When you tell a great joke and everyone laughs:

When you were a kid and didn’t get the gumball color you wanted on the gumball machine:

When you see an actor on tv and can’t remember where you saw him:

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Your Daily Life in GIFS

When your favorite television series ends:

When a website recommends a username for you:

When the pizza is ready:

When a battle music plays in a game but you can’t find the enemy:

When someone is doing the dishes and you slowly put another plate:

When you start saying a story but then you realize no one is listening:

When you get a snack downstairs while everyone is asleep:

When you meet someone new:

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Your Daily Life in GIFS

When you’re report is due tomorrow:

When someone accidentally mentions a spoiler from a movie you’re watching:

When your computer freezes:

When you see someone having fun on their way to school or work:

When you go through airport security:

When your ex likes your facebook status:

When you are home alone and you feel like you’re being watched:

When everyone is asleep and you have the house to yourself:

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Your Daily Life in GIFS

When someone you don’t like touches you:

When people try to take a picture with you:

When you catch the person you like looking at you:

When you’re taller than someone older than you:

When someone wants to take a photo of you:

When you like a song by an artist that you hate:

When you are with your friends and you hear your favorite song:

When you wear socks on tiles:

When you eat all the good stuff on the fridge while everyone is gone:

When you were little and you dropped your ice cream cone:

When your friend tells you she got back with her crappy boyfriend:

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Your Daily Life in GIFS

When people think they’re funny but they’re just annoying:

When you’re trying to sleep and people are being loud outside:

When that newly added song comes into your iPod:

When you hear someone getting yelled at on the other room:

When someone steals your food on the fridge but you don’t know who:

When it was the last WEEK of school:

When it was the last DAY of school:

When you’re actually sick and your friends think you’re faking:

When you fall down on the trampoline and you can’t stand up cause everyone won’t stop jumping:

When you wake up during the best part of the dream:

When you know something is dumb but you do it anyway:

When you try on a new outfit:

When your legs fall asleep:

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Your Daily Life in GIFS

When you finally get to sit down after standing all day:

When you see a spider right before you sleep:

When your boss comes into your office:

When you clean your room and find money:

When someone says they don’t like chocolate:

Thinking that if you lean to the side with your controller it will help you turn:


When you have to get out of a packed parking lot:

When you’re about to be served your favorite food:

When your favorite part of the song comes on:

When you get bad grades:

When the internet is down but you keep checking:

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Your Daily Life in GIFS

When someone says, “do you want to know a secret?”

When you wake up 5 minutes before the exam:

When the teacher is on the way and you’re trying to copy something on the board:

When you can’t find anything to watch on tv:

When you realize you forgot something inside the oven:

When you see a celebrity:

When you first started to drive:

When someone tells you a boring story:

When you see someone rolling around in their computer chair and you’re not on one:

When you wave at someone who you think it’s them but it’s really not:

When you’re flirting and trying to make a cute face:

When you show up somewhere late:

When someone asks you what you do all day at work:

When you try to make new friends:

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Okay, so, I’ve realized that I have alot more funny content that I want to share with you guys, but this IS called DAILY GIFS for a reason. So, I just wanted to ask, should I post other funny content or keep it as gifs?

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Your Daily Life in GIFS

When someone asks if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend:

When you know the answer in class:

When you realize that you’ve locked yourself in your apartment:

When you realize its Monday tomorrow:

When someone unfriends you on Facebook:

When the string is longer than the other:

When someone you don’t like hugs you:

When someone says they should make brownies:

When you’re pretending to listen to someone talk:

When you can’t decide what to wear:

When you first got your flip phone and thought it was badass:

When you decide to have a ‘light snack’ :

When you’re doing really well on your diet, but then it’s your birthday and you’re like:

When you learn the real lyrics of the song and you realize you’ve been singing it wrong the whole time:

When people try to make you get up:

When you try to take your socks off with your other foot:

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Your Daily Life in GIFS

When you haven’t seen your bestfriend since forever:

When you’re trying to decide what to do on your day off:

When you’re eating and your dog is all:

When you see 90% of statuses on facebook:

When you’re home alone and there’s nothing to do:

When there’s a substitute teacher:

When your friend is telling you a secret and someone comes in:

When your file takes forever to load:

When you see your old friend got cuter:

When the vending machine takes your money and not give you the food: 

When you eat garlic and your breath is like:

When the microwave heats the bowl and not your food:

When you’re losing an argument:

When someone says they found money:

When you start singing a song and realize it’s inappropriate:

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